Beyond what your eyes can see...

The Angel of Balance, A Journal of an Angel’s Journey, is an illustrated story that takes the reader on a flight through the cosmos as seen through the eyes of the angel Tequa. He shares his words of growth and life experiences—as well as his art depicting his journey—as he unknowingly travels towards his destiny. Compelled by his fears, he moves toward a glimmer of light and eventually arrives on earth, where he discovers his true fate.

Artist Steven Lee Smeltzer provided the words for Tequa’s friend Zac, while Wray gave Tequa a voice. Above is a sample of 9 of the 71 graphic designs that Wray created for the book.

The Angel of Balance, A Journal of an Angel’s Journey was created as a companion piece for the bronze sculpture Steven created called Tequa, the Angel of Balance, though many clients have purchased the book separately from the bronze sculpture. Poetic and artistically inspiring, this print-on-demand book has been described by collectors as comparable to Nick Bantock’s series of books about Griffin and Sabine (without the letters and postcards he used to tell his story).

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