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Accidentally uncovering her family’s deadly secret, Jaden Lisette is forced into a world she could only imagine in horror movies. Running away isn’t an option.

Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate ~ Gold Medal Award Winning Young Adult ~ Literary Classic Seal of Approval ~ Romance ~ Dark Fantasy ~ Thriller novel filled with danger, humor and the intoxicating passion of first love.



The bayou holds terrors that can devour her alive. After barely escaping a horrifying pack of hybrid creatures, all sixteen-year-old Jaden Lisette wants to do is put the episode behind her, especially now that her future includes the sweet and sexy Briz Nolan. But falling in love may not be their fate. 

Imagine Jade Gone is the second book in the YA romance thriller series Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. If you like original fantasy creatures, dark suspense, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Wray Ardan’s captivating tale.


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SWEET DESIRE WICKED FATE ~ Literary Classics Book Review ~ "Sweet Desire Wicked Fate is a hair-raising dark fantasy thriller interspersed with fantastic moments of humor which will hold great appeal for teenage girls. With well-developed characters, and a unique plot, this book is hard to put down."

IMAGINE JADE GONE ~ Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review ~ "Wray Ardan strikes the perfect balance between humor, family and romance with the classic horror elements. The ending is a complete surprise and took me off guard, leaving me desperately needing more of Jaden's story. Classic horror meets teenage angst, and Imagine Jade Gone is suspenseful and gruesome, a thrilling and unique take on the genre with heart, first love, and family connection."


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