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Sweet Desire Wicked Fate is a hair-raising dark fantasy thriller interspersed with fantastic moments of humor which will hold great appeal for teenage girls. With well-developed characters, and a unique plot, this book is hard to put down.
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Imagine Jade Gone ~ Ardan strikes the perfect balance between humor, family and romance with the classic horror elements. The ending is a complete surprise and took me off guard, leaving me desperately needing more of Jaden’s story.
Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review, Liz Konkel
Sweet Desire Wicked Fate ~ I truly enjoyed reading this book! I could not put it down and would think about it all day until I could pick it up again. I am looking forward to when the second book comes out.
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Imagine Jade Gone ~ This book was hard to put down. It brought the same awesome impact as the first book and held its own as a sequel. Well written, interesting storyline, love the character development and it was just captivating.
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