Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate ~ Accidentally uncovering her family's deadly secret, Jaden is forced into a world she could only imagine in horror movies.

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  • Award Winning Young Adult ROMANCE, DARK-FANTASY, THRILLER Novel



    Gold Medal Award Winning Young Adult Romance, Dark Fantasy, Thriller novel filled with danger, humor and the intoxicating passion of first love.

    Discovering long lost relatives can be a real nightmare. Do you know who or what you are related to?

    Jaden Lisette never imagined she might not live through the month to see her sixteenth birthday, or that befriending reclusive triplets and a mentally challenged man could be her only chance of survival.

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    • Sweet Desire Wicked Fate is a hair-raising dark fantasy thriller interspersed with fantastic moments of humor which will hold great appeal for teenage girls.  With well-developed characters, and a unique plot, this book is hard to put down.

      Literary Classics Book Reviews,
    • I enjoyed this book; the world-building was very good it is filled with creatures that the author equipped with their own idiosyncratic characteristics and humans that you like and of course, those that you don’t. It’s fast-paced, the writing flows effortless and it’s enormously entertaining; all ages, especially teenage girls, will love this book.

      Anne ~ Amazon.com Vine Voice,
    • I truly enjoyed reading this book! I could not put it down and would think about it all day until I could pick it up again. I am looking forward to when the second book comes out.

      Amazon Customer ~ 11/18/2015,
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